cold personWhew!  Were you shivering when you walked out the door this morning?  With temperatures in the single digits, it's hard NOT to!  This little guy looks like some of our service techs who have to be crawling around under houses or up in attics during the cold weather.  New construction installation is another COLD job.  If you have a heating issue, we sure want to be there for you, but have a heart for these guys....they work in all kinds of weather and in some very taxing situations.  It's tough to work with tools when your hands are nearly frozen!

Heat pump owners be sure you have your unit set to EMERGENCY (auxiliary) heat when it's so cold outside.  Those units need to use a little extra help during severe weather in order to maintain comfortable temps inside your home.  Always remember the basics--clean filters and open vents and air intakes (nothing over or in front of them to block air flow).  If you have indoor pets, you especially need to keep a check on those filters.  Pet hair is a major contributor to dirty/blocked air filters and it forces your unit to have to work much harder--thereby costing you more money.

Help your unit be able to perform at peak efficiency with regular maintenance.  Just like you change the oil in your vehicle, your heat and air system needs to be checked and serviced.  We recommend a spring and a fall checkup in order to make sure your unit is ready for the extremes of winter and summer.  This is NOT a day that you want to have to call someone because your unit's not working!  Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. understands what it's like to be cold with kids or elderly in the home.  We make every effort to respond to emergency calls as rapidly as possible.

Don't wait until the temperature in your home drops to uncomfortable or even dangerous levels (nobody wants busted water pipes).  If you suspect a problem, call right away--the number to call is 479-996-9288.  We'll be there just as quickly as possible to assess the issue and make any needed repairs.  Now would be a good time to call and ask about our yearly service agreement.  It may not seem like it today, but spring is just around the corner!  Our maintenance agreement includes a spring and fall tune-up--consider it a smart investment in the life and efficiency of one of your home's most costly items to have to replace.

By the way--IF you do have frozen pipes--call us!  Travis Hawkins Plumbing is a part of Air Care Systems and he and Mike will be glad to help with leaky or busted pipes.  One call does it all!  Just phone 479-996-9288--either way, we've got you covered!