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Is There A Killer Lurking In Your Home?

Man in jailIf you have a gas furnace, there just might be!  Gas heat is warm and wonderful on a cold winter day, but if it's not functioning properly, it could kill you--literally.

The culprit is CO--carbon monoxide gas.  A cracked heat exchanger is one item that can leak the deadly and odorless gas into your home, but not the only one.  Another indication of a potential problem is a wavering or flickering flame.  You want to see a nice steady blue flame when you check the pilot light.  If the pilot light won't stay lit--you're in trouble.  Any or all of these may be an indication of a DEADLY serious issue with your unit.  If you check your furnace and it doesn't have a nice blue flame, call an expert.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is well aware that your family's comfort and safety are your top priorities.  We understand because they're ours, too.  We all want to rest without the fear of breathing in deadly fumes in our sleep.  If you go to sleep breathing CO it's very likely that you aren't going to wake up in the morning.  Put simply, the CO molecules you breathe in attach themselves to oxygen molecules in your bloodstream, preventing them from carrying vital oxygen throughout your system.  The CO stays attached so that fresh oxygen can't be absorbed.  Once you've breathed in enough CO, you suffocate.

If you have a gas furnace, please check it regularly or call us and ask about our Annual Maintenance Agreements.  We'll come out twice a year, spring and fall, and clean and service your unit.  Then you can sleep without fear and enjoy all that warm gas heat.

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Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. recommends all homes that use natural gas or propane to install a CO detector.