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Humidity–Friend Or Foe?

If you live in Arkansas or Oklahoma you probably have had plenty of experience with humidity. We hear our local weatherman talk about dew points and relative humidity levels when he gives the weather report, but it may not really mean much to us. Here's why it should.

Humidity makes the difference between whether you feel clammy and sweaty or dry and comfortable. Summer humidity is often a bear to deal with because it makes already high temperatures feel even hotter. It actually is preventing the air from being able to cool your skin by evaporating the sweat your body produces when it's hot. The higher the humidity level, the hotter you feel.  Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air; when there's a lot of it, it's harder for your skin to "breathe" and you feel clammy and sticky. With lower humidity, you feel more comfortable because the air around you is drier and is better able to absorb the moisture your body puts off as sweat.

Indoor comfort has a lot to do with how much humidity is in your home. As the temperature cools off in the evening you may be tempted to open up the windows and let the fresh air in, but be aware that the "fresh" air may contain so much humidity that your air conditioner will have to run well into the next afternoon to condition the air back to the setting on your thermostat. Drapes, carpets, furniture--all of these can absorb that extra humidity when the windows are open, so be smart about when to open those windows and when it's best to leave them closed. Those evening breezes may literally cost you more money in the long run.

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