Air Care


Cartoon of man getting electrocuted

So you're making your bed and reach for the covers when BAM!  You've got the shock of your life.  You reach for the handle on the doorknob and... BAM!  Gotcha' again!  Are you tired of being shocked every time you turn around?  Tired of being zapped with each new contact?  What about that dry skin?  Are your hands looking like they belong on an alligator?  Not to mention dried out nasal and sinus passages...YUCK!  Nose bleeds?  Dry skin?  What to do?

There IS a solution!  Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is proud to offer a selection of whole-house humidifiers that will tame those shocks and take the static out of your dry air.  They are for residential use and complement your existing heat/air systems.  Proper humidity levels in your home have a huge impact on some of winter's unpleasant companions, such as sore throat, respiratory problems, dry skin, and those awful, unexpected shocks.  Not to mention that the wood furniture, floors, and moldings in your home will love you for it!  Musical instruments and fine furniture require proper humidity for optimum performance and sound quality and no one wants to see cracks or warping in Grandma's antique dining table.

Lennox humidifier

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