Air Care

Ceiling Fans–Yes Or No?

Ceiling fans--I've got one, odds are you do, too.  Some are pretty, some are functional, some are both; but is yours costing you money?

For over 100 years, Americans have used ceiling fans in various shapes, colors, and sizes to create a refreshing breeze in their homes. The plus of using a ceiling fan is the additional air current created as the blades turn and disturb the air. This movement of air helps to evaporate moisture from our bodies, thereby making us feel cooler. A ceiling fan can help lower your energy bills by making it possible for you to raise the setting on your thermostat so your AC runs less.

Ceiling fans can be a wonderful tool when used properly, but if it's used improperly it will cost you more to operate in the long run. Never leave a fan on when you leave the house. You may think you're doing a good thing by keeping the air moving, but you're actually only running up your electric bill.  They only benefit you if you're there to feel the breeze.  If you leave, always remember to turn off any fans you may have on.  The motor on a ceiling fan generates up to 125° during normal operation.  Don't go off and leave a heat-generating appliance running. You wouldn't go off and leave a burner on your stove going, would you?  It's the same idea. The "savings" just aren't worth it.

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