Air Care

Enjoy It While It Lasts!

Can you believe this Arkansas weather?  Record low highs--who'd have thought we'd see highs in the 60's in mid-July?  Never fear, 90's are on their way back and we'll be sweltering in the sun and humidity again before we know it!

Arkansas is notorious for its changing weather patterns and this year has held true to form.  These swings can make it hard to know how to set your thermostat and wondering whether to run the heat or AC.  Fall-like temperatures along with the rainy weather had some of us reaching for those blankets we took off our beds but we'll be back to tank tops and swimsuits in just a few days.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. realizes you may be having to yo-yo between heat and air conditioning under these conditions, but if you're running the AC at these low temps it may cause your unit to freeze up.  If that should happen, here's a tip that will help you save paying for a service call.  If your coils are icing over, you need to turn the AC to fan only until the system thaws out.  After it gets completely de-iced, then you can turn it back on when the temperatures warm up.  Never hesitate to give us a call if you feel that doesn't do the trick for you.  We have 24/7 emergency service so someone will always answer your call.  The number to call is (479) 777-2331.