Air Care

Humidity, Anyone?

Summer rain--it can be a blessing and a curse!  We all know how parched and brown things get when we don't get enough rain, but the flipside of that is often oppressive humidity levels.  It can be tough to sleep when the sheets are clammy, or gross when you go to get into the shower and there are things growing in there.  HELP!  What do you do to bring the humidity levels down and promote healthy air quality?

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. offers some great solutions.  Healthy Climate® Indoor Air Quality Solutions and PureAir ™ Air Purification Systems have everything you need to make sure your indoor air is healthy so you can breathe easy.  These products cover everything from whole-home steam, power, and bypass humidifiers to UV germicidal lights, whole-home dehumidifers, ventilation control systems, and HEPA air filtration systems.  Whether you're hot, cold, too damp, or dry--call Dave at Air Care Systems and he'll get you fixed up with just the right solution for your home.  Need the number?  It's (479) 777-2331.