Air Care

Ever Feel Like You're On One Of These?

I'll admit it.  I am NOT a fan of rollercoasters.  I know that some of you just live for the thrill, but I cannot--for the life of me--share your passion.  Especially the rollercoaster ride we've been on since December!  The weather has been a steady rush of ups and downs this winter.  From the too-early kick-off to the lingering hanging on it seems to be doing, we're all sick of it and ready for SPRING!

The daffodils are blooming, the frogs are croaking, and the trees are beginning to bud, so what's going on with SNOW yesterday?  Luckily for us, the ground was warm enough that it didn't stick this time.  The schools are still in session, everyone's still open for business, and the sun is shining today.  This week will mark the official end of winter and here in Arkansas it is supposed to start off beautifully with highs in the 70's.

While we can't stop the ups and downs that come with the weather, Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. can make a difference in the ups and downs you see on your utility bills.  Don't be afraid to open those gas and electric bills, give us a call at (479) 777-2331 and let one of our friendly technicians help you learn how to get the most efficient operation from your unit.  The more efficiently your unit functions, the cheaper it will be for you to run and that translates to LOWER energy bills for you.