Air Care

Meet Sondra Price

Sondra Price is the wife of Dave Price and co-owner of Air Care Systems by Price, Inc.  She serves as the company's Vice President and is often the voice you hear when you call the office.  Sondra began working at Air Care with Dave in 2008 taking care of the office while Dave ran service calls.  Now her main function is dispatching the technicians as calls come in, making sure everyone is busy.

If you call in with an AC problem, she's able to narrow down what the issue may be by asking you questions about your unit.  This helps her know just which technician will be the best to send your way.  Over the years, she's learned a LOT about heat and air.  Air Care Systems is a full-time job for her--and then some!  She and Dave make a great team, working together to give their customers the very best service possible.  Their dedication to taking care of their customers is what makes folks keep coming back year after year--whether it's for regular maintenance, service, or just a new air filter.  The company motto is "doing what it takes to make it just, right, and fair."  Pretty good words to live by...

Don't hesitate to call and ask Sondra for help should your AC start giving you problems.  The number is (479) 777-2331.