Air Care

It's The Little Things That Getcha!

We're just a few weeks away from the start of school, but summer is far from over.  Those AC motors are working overtime in this heat and humidity and some of them are beginning to say "Time Out!"

If your outdoor AC unit is just humming or refusing to come on at all, you may have capacitor problems.  You wouldn't think that something about the size of a can of soda could be such a big deal, but it is.

It may not look like much, but it's a very important component in your AC unit and it makes all the difference in the world as to whether you're cool as a cucumber or hot as a firecracker.  Its function is to assist your unit in start-up, kind of like a spark plug in your car.  If you're having issues with your AC, don't wait until it completely shuts down on you and you find yourself sweltering in the heat.  Give us a call at (479) 777-2331.  Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. knows exactly how to handle those pesky little problems that can cause you a whole lot of misery.  Capacitors--now you know!