Air Care

Don't Get "Fried!"

Seeing the earth wake up after it's long winter sleep is exciting.  The flowers are pushing up out of the ground, bushes are blooming in a riot of colors, dogwoods, cherry blossoms--all are a feast for the eyes.   Birds are building nests, the insects are out and buzzing around, and the frogs are croaking in the ponds.  Young life is greeting the world--baby calves, foals, lambs, bunnies--it's a great time to be outside.  It's SPRING!

Listening to the weatherman giving this week's forecast, which included a chance for thunderstorms, brings up the subject of erratic springtime weather systems.  Winter is officially behind us and the temperatures are warming up.

Mother Nature has a nasty side and we're about to get a taste.  Severe weather is never fun.  It's especially unpleasant when it causes damage to your property.  Wind, rain, and hail are trouble, but the most unpredictable of the bunch is lightning.  There's just no way to know when or where it's going to strike.  When it hits your house, it can be totally devastating.  You may lose your entire home or get power surges that ruin electronic equipment inside.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. wants you to know that we understand and are here to help.  About the only preventive steps you can take is to install lightning rods and surge protectors.  We offer surge protectors for the compressor of your heat and air unit, which would help eliminate the more expensive repairs.  If your air isn't working after we've had a lightning storm, then lightning is probably the culprit.  Give us a call at (479) 777-2331 and we'll be happy to come out and survey the damage.  Most homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of these repairs.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. hopes you enjoy your spring without the hassles the weather sometimes dishes out.