Air Care

Get Ready–Here They Come!

Rain, rain, and more rain!  Anyone else sick of rain?  Rain (too much, at least) can sure cause some headaches.  We'd like to give you a "heads up" about one you might not expect--ANTS.

You'd think that rain would send the ants scurrying for high ground and a nice, dry place to hide, and you'd be right.  Ants don't like being out when it rains.  The flip side of all this rain is that it will eventually dry up and when it does the ants will come out.  Ants may not seem like much of a threat, but if they get into the contactors on your outdoor unit they can short out an entire system.  Not a good scenario when you stop to consider what the humidity levels may be like when the rain goes away and the sun starts heating things up.

What can you do?  Well, a little preventative measures may go a long way in saving you an avoidable repair and service call.  Be sure to keep the area around your outdoor unit clear of grass and debris.  Rake leaves or grass clippings up after you mow and remove them.  It's also a good idea to spray the immediate area around the bottom of the unit and any point of contact that might provide a bridge for an ant to cross.  Think small--really small.  Think like an ant and protect any avenue of access before they decide your AC unit is a good place to hide.

If the ants do cause any trouble, remember we're here to help.  Call Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. at (479) 777-2331 and we'll come right out and get those ants on the run!