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Are You Connected?

Today's "smartphones" seem to keep getting smarter all the time.  There's an app out there for nearly anything you want to do.  Did you know that you can also control your home's heating and cooling via the app from Nexia Home Intelligence?  That's right!  Now you can have your home at just the right temperature before you get there.

Nexia Home Intelligence from American Standard and Schlage combines wireless technology with simple web access to offer you a complete range of control and energy savings through your phone.  By setting your thermostat lower during times you're away from home, you can recognize some real savings on the monthly utility statement.  Just raise the temperature to where you're comfortable when you're ready to return.

Not only can you control your thermostat, but there's also even an option to lock your doors, turn on the lights, and more.  Nexia Home Intelligence offers exactly that--intelligence.  With more and more automation available to consumers, it only stands to reason that American Standard would be setting the standard in outfitting the homeowner with the latest innovations in technology on the market.  You can even receive texts and email alerts when it's time to change your air filter or let you know if your temperature settings aren't being maintained.

Thanks to radio frequency-based technology called Z-Wave, you can start off with a few basics and expand your capability as your family needs change over time, giving you the option of controlling up to 230 devices via your phone.  Pretty smart, don't you think?

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. always strive to provide you the very best in home innovation products.  American Standard's Nexia Home Intelligence system is just one example of those.  Give us a call today at (479) 777-2331 to learn more about this and other great home improvement options.