Air Care

July 1–Get Ready For Changes

Once again the government has issued new federal regulations regarding heat and air units.  The 13 SEER minimum of just a few years ago is already obsolete and we're going to even higher standards.

Federal law now requires all units to "match."  That means the indoor and outdoor units must be the same SEER rating and be qualified by an AHRI number.  The 13 SEER units that used to be the standard are not even available any longer and no more R22 (freon) because you can't get to the 14 SEER minimum requirement.

If someone tells you they have a way around that, beware!  Cash only, no receipts spell trouble down the road.  Don't get taken in by a "good ole boy" who offers you a "deal."  Be smart, be safe, and make sure you deal ONLY with qualified HVAC installers.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. strives to do our very best to take care of our customers' needs AND keep up with all the rules and regulations we're required to operate under.  If you need to get work done on an existing unit that you've been putting off--do it NOW--July 1 we'll be dealing with a whole new set of rules.  Questions?  Give us a call at (479) 777-2331 and we'll be happy to explain just how these new regulations may affect you.

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