Air Care

Dog Gone It!

Man's best friend. We all love those furry creatures who share our homes, but you may want to pay attention to what follows here.

Dog urine. The yellow, runny, caustic liquid that can actually eat away the condenser coils on your outdoor unit.  You'd never suspect your loving pet could cause so much damage, but given enough time and repeated soiling, it will eat right through the copper and you'll wind up with a leak in your refrigerant, or worse.  Once the freon leaks out, your AC can't cool your home; and it's EXPENSIVE to take to put back what's leaked out--if it's even possible.

If your outdoor AC unit is in a back yard that Fido shares, you need to erect a barricade that won't inhibit air flow, but WILL inhibit that nasty urine from saturating those coils.  You might erect a chain link fence, lattice-work, or even a hot wire, but it needs to be far enough away from the unit (at least a foot) so that a well-aimed pooch isn't going to connect with the AC coils.  Believe me, one time of peeing on a hot wire and your dog will never hike a leg near your AC again!

Not sure if your dog's been peeing on your AC unit?  Check around the base for any discoloration or corrosion, just the smell of urine may be a dead giveaway.  You'll be saving yourself a lot of headache and a load of money by taking care of this little-known problem.  All it takes is having to replace a unit to make a believer out of you.  Don't get rid of the dog, just be smart.  Take precautions and protect one of your home's most valuable (and expensive) assets.  If the corrosion isn't too bad, a good cleaning and chemical treatment may be all you need to get things right again.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. wants you and your dog to enjoy a great summer.  Hey, we're dog lovers, too!  Not sure if you're seeing damage from Fido or maybe something else?  Give us a call at (479) 777-2331.  We'll be happy to take a look for you and make suggestions if we see the need to.