Air Care

How Time Flies!

From the temperatures we've been experiencing in the River Valley over the last several weeks, you'd never believe Thanksgiving is just three weeks away.  We all know that the arrival of Thanksgiving triggers Black Friday sales and the Christmas buying frenzy that goes along with it.  Folks will be planning out their shopping circuits to try to cash in on all the huge savings offered by area retailers.  Everyone loves a bargain!

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is right there with you.  When it comes to bargains, we're in!  That's why we'd like to take just a moment to remind everyone about the great FALL (pun intended) in prices on a completely new heat & air system being offered by American Standard. Like Black Friday sales, these prices are only good for a few more weeks--then they're gone.  The fall incentive program from American Standard offers up to $1000 to the consumer in savings or rebates, with a choice of a rebate or 0% financing over a 36 month period.  These incentives apply to qualifying purchases only, so call us at (479) 777-2331 to find out all the details on how you can upgrade that old dinosaur you have now to a high-efficiency system that will keep your family comfortable and your energy bills lower for years to come.

Who couldn't use an extra $1000 at Christmastime?  Let the shopping begin!