Air Care

The Devil's In The Details

Who knew so many variables could play into how well your home environment sustains those items you place into it?  If you have a nice home with nice furnishings, you want to protect them--right?  Today's homes have such a variety of materials in them it's a little staggering to think of all the conditions that may adversely affect them.  For example--leather couches, fine linens, wood surfaces, artwork--all these different textures and surfaces need a certain temperature and humidity level to remain at their peak condition.

Today's modern heating and cooling systems are more efficient than ever at maintaining relative humidity levels and minimizing temperature variances.  A good heat and air system is a little like extra insurance for the home, as well as the furnishings and valuables it may contain.  Whether you have a baby grand piano or a comfy leather sofa, humidity plays a huge role in how well they will perform over time.  Leather may crack and dry out or get discolored while the strings on a fine piano may stretch or contract as the wood reacts to the humidity levels in the home.

Keeping your family comfortable is only part of the equation of what makes a high-quality system valuable.  When you take into consideration all the things that benefit from a well-regulated environment, it just makes sense to buy smart and maintain those systems with regular service and inspections.  One of the benefits of a newer system with a higher SEER rating is in operating expense.  Did you know that we can show you how your existing system will stack up (on monthly operating costs) compared to a more efficient model? A 20 SEER system can actually be cheaper to operate than a 6 SEER.  Who knew?  One of the keys to having healthy indoor air quality is in making sure the unit you have is properly sized to handle the square footage of the space it has to regulate.  Too big is just as bad as too small.  Size really does matter.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. realizes that there's a lot more at stake for the homeowner than just being cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Your home contains your most precious possessions.  We want to help you care for them.  Give us a call at (479) 777-2331.  We'll be happy to come out and give your existing system a check-up and show you how a newer, more efficient model may save you a lot more than money in the long run.