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Cooling Options!

Mini-splits--why would you want one?

Something that is in high demand right now is a mini-split option for rooms that may be hard to cool or were added on after original construction. They can be installed without duct-work and are a good option for garages, game rooms, small apartments, retrofits for additions, and more.

The PROS--

The main advantage of using a mini-split is their small size and flexibility. They allow for zoned heating and cooling of individual rooms, allowing you to have more control over the spaces being heated and cooled, thereby saving money. Ductless systems are usually easier to install than other types of space air conditioners and they save energy because none of the conditioned air is being lost through the duct system.

The CONS--

Mini-splits may cost more than window units of similar capacity and the installer must be careful in choosing the location for its installation. Some people may not like the look of the indoor portion of the unit, but they are less obtrusive than a traditional window air unit. Only use qualified and reputable HVACR technicians to do your installation.

Check out "Energy Saver 101: Home Cooling Infographic" or give us a call at Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. to learn more about these versatile systems. The number to call is (479) 777-2331.