Air Care

Saving Money…

We are all interested when it comes to saving money. Our attention certainly perks up if someone starts waving money around, but are we as attentive when it comes to saving?

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. knows our friends and customers are very interested in lowering those utility expenses over the course of what has started off as a very hot summer. Our friend Bob Vila has offered up some pretty good ideas on ways to do that and we thought we'd pass them on to you.

Make sure you have the correctly sized unit for the amount of conditioned space in your home.  A unit that's under-sized will run constantly and wear out quicker; a unit too large cycles on and off too quickly which renders it ineffective at maintaining uniform temperatures and removing humidity.  Bigger isn't always better!

Don't waste money heating and cooling unused space.  If you can close off the vents and the doors on seldom-used areas, do so.  Only heat and cool the areas you actually use--and don't forget to close cabinets and closet doors, as well.

What are you hiding?  Camouflaging an eyesore is one thing, but if you've hidden your outdoor system away in a spot that gets a lot of sun, you're making it work harder.  The north or east side in a shady area is a good bet, but don't plant shrubs or put fencing too close, they impede the airflow and restrict ventilation to the condenser coils.

Have you checked your vents lately?  Strategically placed vents are very important to having good air flow throughout your home.  Make sure you aren't blocking that airflow with furniture, rugs, or curtains.  Also, make sure your thermostat isn't in direct sunlight or near appliances or lighting that throw off a lot of heat.  Those things can make your unit run unnecessarily.

A well-placed fan to stir the air can make you feel comfortable even when the thermostat's set a little higher.  Ceiling fans can also be a big boost in circulating the air, but make sure to change the direction to counter-clockwise in the summer.  Moving air always feels cooler.  You can cut 3 percent off your cost for every degree you raise the setting on your thermostat!

What are you letting in?  Are you making sure to keep those doors and windows closed when the AC's running?  Heat and humidity creep in through every available crevice, so keep those doors and windows securely closed to prevent that expensive cool air from escaping.

Keep those filters clean!  Clean or replace filters regularly.  Once a month at least do a check on how much debris and dirt have clogged your washable filters and change disposable filters.  A clean filter can lower your energy consumption by 5--15 percent.

Last but not least--

Routine maintenance.  Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is in the business of installing and maintaining heating and cooling equipment.  It's what we do, and we try to do a VERY good job at it, but we can't come if you don't call.  Some things are best left to the experts.  At least once a year you should have a routine service call to clean and check those parts of your system that you can't see and shouldn't touch.

Repairing and recharging leaking refrigerant, inspecting seals, checking fuses, circuit breakers, and fans are just a start.  Removing grass and debris from around your outdoor unit and changing the indoor air filter is only a small part of the maintenance your system requires for optimum life expectancy and efficiency.  When it's time for a deep clean, give us a call at (479) 777-2331 and we'll be happy to assist with a thorough cleaning of coils and condensers and troubleshooting any potential problems that may arise.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is the River Valley's proud supplier of top quality Lennox and American Standard heating and cooling systems.  We also service and install all makes and models of heat and air units, so you can trust us with all your heating and cooling needs, year round.