Air Care

How Do You Know?

We've been talking about the great deals being offered by American Standard and Lennox for new heating and air equipment this spring, so we thought it might be a good idea to include some "dead give-aways" on how to tell if it's time to give up on that old dinosaur and get a new unit.

  • Noise--just how loud is that unit when it's running? A properly functioning system should be a quiet, smooth, humming sound. If it's sounding like a jet or a jalopy you should definitely be calling a service tech to evaluate just what's going on with it.  A certified HVAC technician will be able to zero in on problems and identify just how old your system is.
  • Moisture--nobody wants to come home to a wet mess!  Whether the drain tube is blocked or it's leaking refrigerant, these are situations that can have you reaching for more than a mop.  Mold is always a potential culprit in areas where moisture thrives, so always address these issues pronto!
  • Temperature--warm air coming out when it should be cold?  Freon is getting astronomically pricey and frequent recharges of a leaky unit will end up being a money pit; not only in repair bills, but also in utility costs.
  • Costs--as mentioned previously, a worn-out unit is going to cost more to operate and maintain.  Don't keep "throwing good money after bad" as the old saying goes.  If you've got to spend it, at least get the most bang for your buck by investing that money in something that is going to raise your property values, as well as keep you comfortable.
  • Temperature changes--does just walking from room to room feel like you're experiencing climate change in miniature?  Your home should maintain a stable temperature from room to room without sudden drops or heating up.  If you have this happen (without a room being closed off), you need to have an HVAC technician check your system for possible debris blocking a vent or even a unit that is the wrong size for the area it's trying to heat and cool.  Bigger is NOT always better and an undersized unit will just continue to struggle to fill all the space you're asking it to heat/cool--costing more $$$.  (If you've added more square footage to your home, you will need to supplement that space.  We can help with that, too.)

A new system may not be in your future, but at least you'll know if you need one or not.  There's no better time to purchase an upgrade than when the interest rate is 0%!  Give Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. a call at (479) 777-2331.  We'll be happy to come out and evaluate your current system, make repairs (if needed), and give you the best deal possible if you decide it's time to replace.