Air Care

Old Standard Or High-Tech?

Air conditioning started out as a box that sat in our windows, but today's units are becoming more and more tech-savvy and sophisticated.

I remember the old massive box window cooler fans that had the straw on the sides. You'd have to go outside and spray those straw panels down with cool water and fill the reservoir so that the fan pulled the hot, outside air through the cooler water-soaked panels to give a little relief inside our homes. It was hot standing out in the July or August sun soaking down those panels! It wasn't a rare thing for the kids to soak themselves, as well.

Central air units came along as pretty bare bones, no-nonsense machines that would cool our homes without having to resort to using a water hose. Today's AC units are a much more efficient version of those original coolers and are getting more and more tech savvy every year.

Today's homeowners expect more than just a fan blowing cool air. They're looking for a unit that can de-humidify their homes, integrate with their smartphones, adjust room temperatures remotely and control the comfort levels in their home like a finely tuned watch.

High-end air conditioners are offering more and more "bells and whistles" to allow homeowners to control the air quality, temperature, and humidity levels while working more efficiently than their predecessors and saving money on utility bills.

When you consider the difference in cost between the base units of 30 years ago and the options today's more efficient units offer, it really does pay in the long run to go with the newer, more efficient models. A higher up-front cost is compensated over time by the reduction in wasted energy, plus the benefit of having a higher indoor air quality (breathe-ability) to reduce allergens and air-borne illness, room by room comfort levels, and smart technology that syncs with our smartphones that our grandparents never even dreamed of.

September is a month of change. The kids are back in school and the dog days of summer are winding down to welcome fall. Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is always excited to offer the FALL SALES EVENTS offered by our suppliers. Be watching in the next week or two for great options in purchasing a new unit.

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