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Do your vents look like THIS?????  Let's hope not!  Take a good look.  That's not smoke you're seeing there--it's dirt.  Yep.  Plain old dirt that's been sucked up through the air intake and pushed through a dirty filter that just can't hold any more.  When that happens, this is what you get.  The dirt continues on through your system and gets distributed throughout your home.  Not very pretty is it?  The solution is fairly simple--just change your filter!

It just can't be stressed enough how important that one little detail is.  If you have washable filters, just take it out and clean it with the water hose or stick it in the shower.  Whether you have the type of filters that last a month or a year, it pays to keep a check on them.  Sometimes filters will need to be changed or cleaned more often, depending on whether or not you have pets in the home or are just not a very good housekeeper, and especially if you have a smoker in the home.

Dirty filters pollute the air.  They cause your vents to spew out the dirt they aren't able to capture.  There's just nothing pretty about it.  That dust and dirt is going into your lungs and nasal passages as you breathe, which may cause allergies or illness.  Doctor visits and missed work can sure take a chunk out of the wallet.  The very young and very old are usually the most affected, but it can make anyone sick.  Take a look around your home.  Are your vents trying to tell you something?

As always, Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is here if you need us.  We stock an entire line of filters so, no matter what type you use, odds are we have your size.  Just give us a call at 479-996-9288 and we'll be happy to help.