I can't say that I'm a wealth of information when it comes to folklore, but I ran across something the other day I thought was interesting.  It was something from the "Old Farmers Almanac" regarding foggy mornings and the amount of snowfall you could expect in the coming winter.  It seems that for every foggy morning, you can expect a reciprocating snowfall....hmm.  I've seen an awful lot of fog on my way in to work over the last month.

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Another indicator of snow is the old tried and true persimmon seed...it literally has eating utensils in the center.  A spoon, or shovel, means we're in for heavy, wet snow.

Don't let these unseasonably warm days fool you, winter will be here before we know it.  Right now is the perfect time to get your unit serviced and ready just in case those snowy days do show up.  Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is in the process of getting the fall Clean & Checks scheduled so you won't be caught unprepared.  Give us a call today at 479-996-9288. No one wants to be "out in the cold!"

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