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July is here and it's HOT!  Arkansas humidity levels are high and that combines for some miserable heat indexes.  When the heat index is hitting triple digits, your AC  is working overtime to try to cool your home.  May we suggest some very low tech help?  Believe it or not, water can make a big difference in the efficiency of your unit's capability to perform well during a heat wave.

Years ago folks used water coolers to try to beat the heat.  Home air conditioning units like we have today were rare or non-existent.  Water coolers had straw-filled walls that were soaked with water and, as the fan motor ran, it pulled air through the soaked straw and cooled it slightly.  I well remember going out in the blistering sun to soak those old boxes down with water and fill up the reserve inside.  Today's units are much more advanced, but even they can benefit from a good hosing down once in a while.

When your flowers are thirsty and you're outside with the hose, don't forget to take a minute to spray down your outdoor AC unit.  It will help to keep it clean so it can "breathe" better and clean the coils so your AC can work a little easier.  A good sprayer nozzle on that hose can help blast away any built-up dirt or lawn clippings from mowing.  Always have the discharge on your mower directed AWAY from your AC unit to help avoid clogging it up.  Change your indoor air filter regularly, at least once a month; more often if you have indoor pets.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is in the business of servicing and installing heat and air units--it's our bread and butter--but we also want to be a good neighbor and help you get the very best performance out of one of your home's largest investments.  As always, if you need us, we're just a phone call away--479-996-9288.